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Welcome to the company that is dedicated to repairing damaged soils. KOFAR Kenya limited’s aim is to promote sustainable livelihoods and food security through soil conditioning

KOFAR Kenya limited provides effective and affordable organic soil repair inputs that reverse the damage done by industrial fertilizers. In addition to sourcing the best prices for our farmers, KOFAR Kenya limited intends to be a one stop shop for organic farm inputs, organic produce, market research-cum-consultancy and an organic training center.

feed the soil, feed the plant

We aim to be the leader in promoting sustainable agriculture, food security and a cleaner environment across Africa. Our goal is to educate both the consumer and producer on the benefits of organic farming 


Why Choose KOFAR Kenya limited ?

When one is driven by passion and not profits, the out come is more than a product or a service....its a blessing !

At KOFAR Kenya limited we are all farmers by nature, driven by the call to tend the land and feed our families and friends. Over the years farming has changed both for the worse and the better. Today it has taken a turn for the worse, with the introduction of harsh chemical fertilizers and poor farming practices, we are going to change this trend!

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Frequently Ask Questions

When your yields decline even when you have planted correct seeds and applied the right fertilizer. When your crops get strange diseases and a lot of pest attacks.

When you use the same kind of fertilizer on same farm over several years without much humus in your soil, the soil structure gets very fine and compacts. This reduces the water penetration and thus poor aeration too. The chemical fertilizer you apply then becomes unaccessible to the crops and triggers acidity.

No. Soil conditioner is not a fertilizer. It allows the rocked up nutrients to break free and therefore become accessible by the crop. It also loosens soil particles and allow for water penetration as well as air.

Yes, if you have been growing crops over years with no fertilizer you have depleted nutrients from the soil thus adding fortified compost and micro organisms will improve your soil fertility.

Yes if you are in semi arid area or have inadequate water for farming. Soil conditioner will loosen soils and allow the compost to maintain moisture.

We Care About Your Soil

At KOFAR we bring dead soil back to life using all natural processes the way nature intended. Soil exhaustion due to the overuse of chemical fertilizers and poor farming practices is slowly but surely reducing farming outputs considerably. Reverse soil damage by using these products:

Our Projects

At KOFAR we not only believe in our organic products but we also believe in the farmer. we therefore engage farmers and SACCOS to introduce them to the wonderfull world of organic soil conditioners.


If you have any Soil Conditioning need, simply call contact us

Organic and Natural Soil Conditioners that bring your dead soil to LIFE!



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our partners

As the company grows we continue to forge new relationships and patnerships with both private and government institutions.

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