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Adopt a Farmer

Know your farmer.

Over 4million small scale kenyan farmers have suffered for more than 3 decades with diminishing yields from their farms. This has mainly been caused by soil degradation and other factors like drought and lack of funds to buy the correct farm inputs.This has in turn reduced once self sufficient farmers into into beggers even though they have land.

Social Enterprise

KOFAR Kenya limited as a social enterprise produces the much needed fortified compost and soil conditioners that reverse acidity, boost moisture retention and increase quality food production. Our products have been approved by our government and adopted by a few farmers who can afford the $200 worth of our products to rectify an acre.

The Adopt Farmer Goal

We are looking for partners and friends who willing to adopt a farmer and donate funds for them to aquire farm inputs for an acre, this will enable small scale farmers to restart their lives.

You can adopt a farmer you know or allow us to select them for you. We will then send you pictures of before and after the KOFAR positive impact.

Excellent Service

We deliver service that is second to none, the farmer is our life blood and we owe it to them to deliver service that is of the highest standards.

organic and natural

We are proud to say that all our product are 100% organic, all our product are manufactured to set standard to meet the 100% organinc claim

enviromentaly friendly

Unlike chemical fertilizers, our product do not harm the enviroment. water sources will not be damaged by leeching because all of our products are organic

cost effective

All of our product are cost effective in that you will get back more yield than with traditional chemical fertilizers, our prices are also very low.

Adopt a farmer now by donating here.

Select the amount you would like to donate to helping a farmer. All proceeds from this campaign go towards educating and bettering farmers, in return we get cheaper but higher quality produce.

If you have any questions and concerns about the adopt a farmer campaign, simply call our number

Affordable Organic products for your soil