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Soil Related Questions

In this section we answer commonly asked soil related question, this question area is updated weekly so check again soon for your topic.

No. Different crops need different fertilizers since they need different nutrient elements in varying amounts. E.g some crops are heavy feeders while others use minimal nutrients. Fertilizer also varies depending with the zone.e.g arid areas will require more of fortified compost and organic fertilizers and minimal chemical fertilizers than highlands with adequate rainfall.

This is because when you use chemical fertilizers and you have minimal water to sustain the crop the chemicals in the fertilizer need water too, thus they suck it from the crops and scotch the crops.

As a farmer you must use environmentally friendly fertilizers that keep your soil healthy and also those that feed your crop. KOFAR fortified compost and soil conditioners keeps your soils and crops healthy allowing any other fertilizer for the crops to be absorbed well.

For the chemical fertilizers you must use what is recommended as per the crop you are growing and also as your soil analysis indicates.

KOFAR products have helped coffee farmers increase production per bush from below 2kgs to over 18kgs within 3yrs in Kirinyaga, Nyeri,Tharaka Nithi and Meru. In maize farmers in Uasin Gishu have harvested 38bags per acre which is up from 16bags.These Uasin Gishu farmers also celebrated the fact that their maize was not affected by armyworms that swept the area because the maize was using our products. In Mwea rice farmers have harvested 3,5tons of pishori up from 2.2tons. In Kirinyaga and Embu French beans farmers have harvested 8tons which is up from 2tons. This French bean yields have also been achieved by Flamingo (Finlay) Timau.


General Questions

You use our soil amendment products as you plant or during the rainy season for perennial crops. You do not wait as at all. The crop start to gain immediately.

We are changing the way we apply chemical fertilizers because our soils dictate we do so urgently. The yields have gone down to below 20% of set targets and the diseases and pest attacks are on the rise. It is time we take care of the soils so that the chemical fertilizers can be useful to the crops. In the current situation they are affecting our crops and our health too.

Yes we recommend a mix for those farming in a conventional manner. For the pure organic farmers we recommend they use our products alone.