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K-Tiba (Reclaim)

K-Tiba (Reclaim) is an all-natural broad-spectrum soil stimulant, designed to eliminate the negative effects of continuous use of chemical inputs.

K-Tiba helps the exhausted soil revert to their natural state. During its 25 years of use K-Tiba has proved highly effective in reducing the damaging effects of sodium in the root zone.

Due to K-Tiba’s composition of organic polymers, fermentation products and chelated copper, K-tiba promotes and sustains a uniform distribution of soil moisture over the area on which it has been sprayed.

Where it has been used, improved plant vigour and health have been widely noted. Its all-natural state stimulates soil micro organisms that are directly responsible for phosphorous and potassium release in the soil. In a nutshell, K-Tiba is :

  • Soil detoxifier that dramatically corrects sodium to acceptable leves, facilitates availability of  phosphorous (for root development) and nitrogen (for foliage development) levels by up to 30%
  • An all-Oragnic soil input that increases biological activity, helps break up compacted soil layers, increases crop development both above and below the soil surface.

Application of K-Tiba

K-Tiba yields best results when applied on bare soil before sowing or planting. However, post-planting application (after crops emerge from the soil) is acceptable, but is not encouraged.

It can be applied through pivot irrigation, dripline irrigation, aerial irrigation (by plane) and ground spray.

A Well calibrated tractor-mounted boom sprayer can also used on large tracts of land; while smallholder farmers can use back-pack sprayers and other portable sprayers, farmers must ensure an even ground cover during spraying.

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