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Nano Ag the Organic Cocktail

Nano Ag is a combination of Carbon Answer, Bio-n-Liven and OMPE or Organic Marine Plant Extract powder, the three have been combined scientifically to bring out the power of each one of them

Nano Ag thus combines the properties necessary for cleaning up the waste in the soil, bringing the soil back to vibrant life, providing both macro (major) elements (NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur) and micro (lesser) nutrients (manganese, Carbon, Iron, Zinc etc) in addition to plant growth hormones (Cibberelins, cytokins) and complex essential sugars (Cellulose, Chitins, Glycogen and starch)

Carbon Answer

Carbon Answer is a soil improve that reverses the negative impact of excess application of previous chemical treatments. Its inherent electrical energy (25%Electrolyte Answer) helps to push soil particles apart to provide greater water penetration and retention.


It’s not very different from Carbon Answer. This product stimulates microbial activity and multiplication to enhance breakdown of both organic and inorganic matter, creating precious humus in an odourless atmosphere.

Application of Nano AG

While Carbon Answer and Bio-n-Liven used to be available in liquid form, Nano Answer exists in  a dehydrate concentrate in sachet form (to save on handling and shipping weight and to extend shelf life).

All types of atomizer sprayers (aerial, pivot, boom, knapsack, hand) can be used to dispense either of the three, as provided for in the “RATES”.



If you have any emergency soil repair needs, simply call our 24 hour emergency number

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