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Rotuba the Organic Fertilizer

Rotuba is a dark brown organic fertilizer, it is made of 100% organic materails and fortified with vital micro-nutrients.

During  its  development, selected plants, macro  and  micro-elements (such  as magnesium, organic carbon, sulphur, iodine, iron Boron, silicon, zinc  and manganese ) are up scaled  to required  crop  nutrition  levels using  a patented biodynamic formula.

Rotuba continues to be fortified in order to meet crop-specific nutrition demands as it is clear that while some crops are light feeders, others are heavy feeders: while some require a bit more of specific trace elements, others may not even require it.

Testing and Trials

To establish itself as a potent organic soil food and conditioner, Rotuba has gone through rigorous field trials and laboratory analysis with the established government bodies – KEPHIS, KARI, KEBS, KIRDI and some universities-the result of which a definite user protocol was established.

Application of Rotuba

An all encompassing factor of Rotuba is that it is used not only for dry planting, but also as a top dress, saving the farmer the hussles associated with seasonal shortages of conventional top dress inputs.

Rotuba is a very easy product to apply. It is recommended that it is well worked into the soil for best results. There are several approaches that can be found on our brochure, download it here to get detailed application procedures.

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