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Seed Boost

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Give them more with Seed Boost

Seed Boost or Seed Treatment is an all organic product is essential  for organic and conventional farmers, it provides all seed types with a ‘kick start’, reducing the germination period and producing an even and uniform germination.

Seedboost, which is all –natural, contains nutrients and compounds that enhance seed germination and seedling vigour. When correct rates are used deeper, more extensive rooting is observed. This is due to an increased nutrients uptake. Vigorous, sturdy seedlings, with a pronounced strong collar (area between root-base and stem) are also observed.

Seed Boosts blend of germination extracts, organic acids, plant extracts and surfactants (leaf surface nutrient source), enhance increased soil microorganism activity creating an environment that is ideal for higher yield.

Seed Boost Application

Generally, SeedBoost  is used as a ‘pre-treat’(seed treatment before planting / sowing) on a wide range of dry seed,tuberous planting materials (Irish potatoes, cut or whole) and on pre-transplants (young seedlings uprooted from nursery and about to be transplanted onto a permanent seedbed).

Cutting –propagation materials for a wide range of creepers, climbers, shrubs, herbs, flowers and a number of tree crops –have shown very positive reaction when pre–treated with seedboost prior to propagation (planting).

For best results, the farmer must strive to know the various seed rates of the crops he/she is growing. Seed rates simply refer to the quantity of seeds or other preparation materials per given area, usually an acre or hectare. This is because seedboost manifests its potential better when applied on the planting material. For a more detailed planting infromation download the brochure here.

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