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Tawi Plus

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Tawi Plus the leafy solution

Tawi Plus is a foliar treatment, designed to increase carbohydrate levels within a plant, raising the crop growth levels and setting higher production rates.

Tawi Plus contains a combination of selected strains of kelp (a high nutrient sea weed found in temperate oceans) growth stimulants and specific rations of vital trace elements which go a long way to improve plant health, increase efficiency of foliar nutrient and reduce plant stress.

Tawi Plus’s value lies in its rapid absorption and utilization by plant issue, thus improving the whole crop by making It more resistant to pests and diseases. In a nutshell, the main benefits of Microplus, among  others, include;   

  • Enhanced crop quality
  • Dramatic increase in yields
  • Faster crop recovery from stress

Application of Tawi Plus

Microplus can be sprayed onto crops using aeroplanes, pivot irrigation, tractor-drawn boom sprayers, driplines; or knapsack  and hand sprayes,The most important factor to consider when using any of the above methods is foliage coverage, As  for all other products, the farmer must choose windless day or early morning late afternoon spray.

Spray a few hours before rains is not recommended as this will  interfere  with the quality intended for the crops, as this product is not a soil-treatment agent.

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